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Elom Dovlo1953 - 2018

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Let the memory of Elom be with us forever.

  • 65 years old
  • Born on April 27, 1953 in Ghana
  • Passed away on November 5, 2018 in Ghana

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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Elom Dovlo 65 years old , born on April 27, 1953 and passed away on November 5, 2018 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital after a short illness. We will remember him forever.

The funeral details as planned by the family are as follows:

  • Friday 14th December 2018:Pre-burial service at the Trinity United Church, Trinity College, Legon. Starting at 7:30am.
  • Saturday 15th December 2018 : Church service, burial and funeral rites at the Bethany Congregation of the Global Evangelical Church, Dzelukofestarting at 9am. Followed by burial at the Dovlo Family Cemetery, Woe. Funeral rites follow immediately after the Burial.
  • Sunday 16th December 2018 : Memorial and thanksgiving service at the Global Evangelical Church, Bethany Congregation, Dzelukope at 9am. Family gathering follows immediately at the Dovlo Family House, Tettekope-Afegame.

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Posted by Delali Gyamfi on November 25, 2018

Uncle Elorm, hearing about your passing was a shock to us all. We first met the Dovlos properly when they took us in as Level 1s with no accommodation on Legon campus in 2004. We were fed and taken care off and their home was definitely our home away from home. The Lumors have in one way or another stayed with the Dovlos over the years. The memories of him at my wedding, his being our link when my father passed...Uncle Elorm always had our best interests at heart.We will miss your gentleness and calmness. We pray the good Lord keep your soul until we meet again. RIP Uncle Elorm.

    Posted by Cathy Lawluvy on November 25, 2018

    The only family member who called me by my favourite name name ."Elikplim " and if I respond Prof, he would say ' don't say Prof' ' sayTorgbi (grandpa), don't you know am your grandpa?
    Indeed, a great tree has fallen.
    Torgbi, may your gentle soul rest in peace.

      Posted by Wisdom Ahadzi on November 25, 2018

      Hmmm. It is indeed a mighty lost. Prof. was my mentor, father,councillor, spiritual father,personal friend. I lost a gem, Global Evangelical church lost a gem and we all lost a gem. My personal consolation is that his good work would follows him and the good Lord will place him at his blossom as well as comfort us those he left behind. Prof.you left us too soon but God knows best. May you rest in perfect peace.

        Hmmm its really a great lost to me! He was a role model to me, a mentor, and above all my God father. I remember vividly during my students days in Legon, I went to him when I was in the first year to complaint about my difficulties to comprehend the theories. This was his response, "tsoWilson de ko ne leexlegena neme li nelewowo geo " meaning you just have to be focused and be reading consistently to enabled you comprehend.I was expecting something more consoling than this, but as usual he told me truth. Such is Prof for you! I really miss him and will never ever forget him.

          Posted by Tony S Habada on November 23, 2018

          Prof. Dovlo (Uncle Elom) was my mentor, a friend with great intellect and a good sense of humor.He had a smile, witty line, always respectful, and a word or show of belief in me anytime we met. I’ll deeply miss him. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

            Posted by Genevieve Aseye Nutakor on November 23, 2018

            Uncle Elɔm you homed everyone in heart with smiles and great joy.I remembed the day Kwame ,Stanaley, Johnson and I enjoyed delicious meal in your home .May Angles received you in the heavens gallery. You were indeed a father to all who shared seconds,minutes,hours,days and years with you. You will remain indelible in our heart. Rest in perfect peace.

              Posted by Alhaji Abdul-Razak Rahman on November 23, 2018

              Oh what a profound loss !!
              Prof , you are never dead. We will always remember you for your kindness,humility, love for the weak, advice,patience,fairness,positive firmness, and the good knowledge you impacted us during our studies in the University of Ghana in 1988-1991.
              Prof, although I am currently in Turkey, I can't afford to miss paying you the last respect tomorrow at the Trinity....I must be there.
              Prof , RIP !

                Posted by Woenya Agbo on November 23, 2018

                You shall be forever missed Uncle Elom. Your home at Legon was more than a second home for us all, always welcoming and loving. Wishing you God’s Blessing in the journey ahead. You shall be forever missed.

                  Posted by Lebene Fiakpornoo on November 22, 2018

                  Missing you dear uncle,
                  The memories are many, your arms and home were always open to me and my children and we always felt at home with you.
                  You touched many lives in so many unique ways and for that you will never be forgotten .
                  Your grandchildren miss you, Uncle. There are days when the heart still aches a little more but there are days when all the good memories make it all a little better.
                  We are Christians so we shall not mourn like people with no hope . We pray we meet again to rejoice with the angels day and night in heaven
                  Dearly loved,sorely missed.

                    Posted by Prof. John Gyapong on November 22, 2018

                    Elorm will forever be missed. He taught me one thing when we served on the University of Ghana Appointments and Promotion Board together:- FAIRNESS and FIRMNESS should always be the guiding principle in decision making.
                    Elorm, Rest Peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.

                      Posted by Francis Ayamgha on November 22, 2018

                      Dear Elom,
                      Through my friendship with Kobla, my boss and mentor in the Air Force, starting from the 1980s, I became friends with you and Delanyo. It felt like family as time progressed, as all three of you made me feel very much at home anytime. Although I was not frequently in your company it always felt as if we were very close anytime we met. This certainly has to do with your affable and naturally humane nature in the company of all and sundry. I have not seen you in close to five years due to my absence from Ghana over the past few years, but when I heard of your passing it felt as though I had seen you a week ago. Rest in Perfect Peace Elom, till we meet again in the company of our Maker.

                        Posted by Amewu Amissah on November 22, 2018

                        Uncle Elom!
                        Thank you so much for opening your home to us. You blessed us on almost all our special occasions;engagements, weddings, outdooring etc. You are dearly missed.
                        Rest well with our maker

                          Posted by Christy Badu on November 22, 2018

                          Dear Prof!!
                          As Osofo’s (Moderators’) children, we had a special bond!!
                          We also had a special bond because of our friendship as a family.
                          You were such a gentleman and a gentle soul. I remember working closely with you especially on the Admissions Board. You as Chair and I, then as the Admissions Officer. We worked so well together!!And we had a lot to laugh about, and you had a style which had all involved corperating so well it made the work less tedious!!!
                          You have gone too soon Prof!!
                          Didn’t hear of your hospitalisation until a bit late but I was praying you would pull through especially when Stella told us about all the issues, when we visited at Korle-Bu.
                          ‘Osofo’ as I used to call you! You are and will be sorely missed!!!
                          Rest peacefully in the Lord!

                            Posted by Samuel Sondah on November 20, 2018

                            RIP Rev. Prof. Dovlo.
                            During my stay in Ghana in the 1990s as a Liberian refugee, I had the good fortune of studying at The University of Ghana, Legon.When I completed my undergraduate studies, Prof. Dovlo encouraged me to pursue graduate studies. I did! He became my main supervisor, for my research and thesis. As Head of Dept. for the Study of Religions, he granted me the opportunity to serve as graduate teaching assistant, doing tutorials for undergraduates. It was a great experience and also provided much needed income for a poor guy on the hustle.
                            There were many huddles studying without a scholarship assistance, but all were made easier with the support and understanding of Prof. Dovlo. I am saddened by his passing. I am quite sure many of my colleagues and former course mates share the same sentiments.
                            He was a toweringacademician and scholar. My sincere sympathy to his family and all the good people at the Dept. for the Study of Religions, University of Ghana, Legon.
                            Samuel M.Sondah
                            Oakley, CA

                              Posted by Dela Evans on November 19, 2018

                              Dear Elorm.
                              I vividly remember the couple of sabbatical months you spent in The Netherlands working on your professoral essay. I remember I would drive down to y our flat on saturday morning, pick you up for our usual drive to Amsterdam. I do not think we left any topic uncovered. After a day well spent with the other Mawulians, we would drive back to your flat. This continued for months. I remember our tour drives to neighbouring villages. In that I had come to appreciate your insight and drive, especially your views on how Mawuli School should reposition for the future. Still remember vividly the small accident with car on the bridge. Memories.
                              It came as a shock to hear of your passing. Your family, Mawuli and Ghana, indeed, has lost a great son. Rest in Peace. Lilly.

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                                Posted by Lebene Fiakpornoo on November 5, 2022

                                Four years come and gone so soon, never forgotten uncle. Continue to rest until the resurrection

                                  Posted by Gregory Amenuvegbe on April 28, 2022

                                  Le dziƒodzidzɔ gbãgo me,
                                  Woava nyi wò, luʋɔ,
                                  Tso nàɖo ta dzi!
                                  Nàdzo kaba, abe hɔ̃ ‘ne!
                                  Yesu ƒ’a-si
                                  Ʋu gblotigbo la xoxo.

                                  Mina mayi, mina makpe
                                  Ha kɔkɔe ma, si kpe
                                  Ta le alẽvi
                                  Ƒe fiazikpui ŋgɔ le subɔm ɖaa,
                                  Le dzidzɔha dzim le ŋutifafa me!
                                  Efo!! you are forever in our hearts

                                    Posted by Lebene Fiakpornoo on April 27, 2022

                                    Happy birthday in heaven Uncle❤️

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                                      Elom Dovlo, (1953 - 2018) - ForeverMissed.com Online Memorials (1)

                                      Elom Dovlo, (1953 - 2018) - ForeverMissed.com Online Memorials (2)

                                      Elom Dovlo, (1953 - 2018) - ForeverMissed.com Online Memorials (3)

                                      Elom Dovlo, (1953 - 2018) - ForeverMissed.com Online Memorials (4)

                                      Elom Dovlo, (1953 - 2018) - ForeverMissed.com Online Memorials (5)

                                      Recent stories

                                      Shared by Victor Gordon Nyamadi on December 3, 2018


                                      TO OUR BELOVED PASTOR REV. PROF. ELOM DOVLO

                                      There is one thing in which all men believe without exception; that is death. Everyone is convinced that it will come. It is one of the few facts of life which there is no dispute or ignorance about, but the time of its appearance is hidden from all men.

                                      Death is inevitable, but we most times find it difficult to come to terms of this reality, even though scripture has made it clear that “For we will surely die; we are like water spilled on the ground which cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not take away life, but plans ways so that the banished one will not be cast out from him” [2 Samuel 14:14].

                                      We are here today with a very heavy heart to pay tribute to an illustrious son of the great family of Calvary Chapel, Mataheko and the entire Global Evangelical Church fraternity. Prof., the message of your sudden departure was a great shock to us, and has made us slip into a depressive mood. Though the feelings of your separation will not stay with us for long, it has managed to evoke a sensitivity that makes us to come to terms with the reality of our vain pursuits. It has also opened our eyes to the fleeting nature of these earthly accomplishments. Yes! The Good Lord has spoken and who are we to question Him? He does what pleases Him; for He knows what is good for us, and knows what we do not know.

                                      We count ourselves blessed to have had enough share of your hidden treasures, though your stay with us was for a brief moment. We can say with certainty, that your short stay with us was one of the greatest things that ever happened to us as a congregation. It was a great honour to have had such a high profile personality like you, to serve a small congregation like Mataheko, which already had a senior high personality in the person of the late Inter Church Relations Secretary, HE Retired, Rev (Dr.) (Cdre) P. F. Quaye.

                                      Down the memory lane, we cannot recollect the countless things God used you to accomplish at Mataheko when you were commissioned and posted to Mataheko in 2000. As an assistant pastor you were made to supervise a preaching post, established by Calvary Chapel, at Tetegu, a fishing community within the Ga South Municipal Assembly. You were mandated as part of your assignments to prepare the Tetegu church for its formal inauguration by the Moderator in November 2000. This was a challenging assignment, because Tetegu had no bridge at the time and could only be reached by a canoe. Sometimes it became very dangerous crossing the river to Tetegu and back, especially when the Weija dam is spilled to overflow its banks. Notwithstanding these difficulties, you worked assiduously to see the church inaugurated on the set date. On 23rd February 2001 you performed your first sacrament of Holy Baptism for eleven candidates from Tetegu, made up of seven females and four males through immersion.

                                      The fond memories of your leadership are so phenomenal. You indeed added so much to the growth of the church. We cannot forget the facelift you gave to our Praises and Worship team. You hosted them at your residence for one week and provided them with resource persons at your own cost. They were awarded with certificates at the end of the training. We can also not forget the funds you raised to support the construction of a pavilion for the Sunday school children. The support we also received from your better half cannot go without mentioning. She took up the Children’s Ministry as her personal project and ensured that it was groomed to an enviable standard.

                                      You instructed that your monthly station allowance be paid to Mr. Martin Atsagli, then a past student of the Agape Bible College to assist in the reorganization of all the home cells of the church, and also to help with the work at Tetegu. No wonder Martin is now a Reverend Minister of the Global Evangelical Church.

                                      Your selfless devotion, modesty and benevolence demonstrated the depth of your friendship with people. You related very well with everybody irrespective of their ages or social standings. No wonder you have been a mentor, counselor, hope giver and motivator to many especially the youth. We can say with no reservation that you were indeed a special person who cared deeply about people and always eager to help make things better for those who find themselves in difficult situations.

                                      Despite your caring and friendly nature, you were also a great disciplinarian who frowns on wrong doing and stands for the truth. On rarer occasions, you aggressively reprimanded wrong doers especially whenever issues at stake were heinous. But in all these your anger never lasted for long. You are indeed a peace maker and unifier. This is the gem we have lost, and lost forever.

                                      It is also certain that we have lost a man of God who teaches and preaches with passion. We will surely miss your captivating short sermons that always kept us in suspense. That wonderful concluding remark at the end of your sermons, “to be continued” will forever remind us of you, anytime that phrase is mentioned. Our memories are also fresh on the healing miracle God performed through you, when a dying member immediately recovered when you prayed and administered the Holy Communion to him. The member was discharged from the hospital and lived for eight more years.

                                      “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” O death, though, you are considered in most cases as cruel, for us as Christians, we see your actions as a reminder that life is precious, temporary and not to be taken for granted. We are also reminded that, you are the only vessel that can carry us to the New Jerusalem that we all yearn for, which had been revealed to Apostle John in Revelation 21:1-4 That:

                                      “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

                                      Indeed! Prof, the old order of things has passed away and we can vividly hear your voice from afar inviting us through the song writer Isaac Watts that:

                                      Come, you who love the Lord,

                                      And let your joys be known,

                                      Join in a song with sweet accord,

                                      And thus surround the throne.

                                      We’re marching to Zion

                                      Beautiful, beautiful Zion;

                                      We’re marching upward to Zion,

                                      The beautiful city of God.

                                      As your mortal remains lie before us today, we can clearly hear you admonishing that: “This outer life has been given to us for a short time. Make the best use of it....After all, we have to leave this body someday, Sooner or later—maybe tomorrow, maybe after leaving this place, or maybe we go to sleep and never rise again”.

                                      We are confident of the fact that you are resting in the bosom of the Almighty God.

                                      We Love You; But the Good Lord Loves You Most.

                                      Sleep well and Rest from all your Toils, Pains and Anxieties.

                                      “Prof, Xede nyuie!!!, Na dzudzɔle ŋutifafa me”.

                                      Written by Rev. Martin Bedi-Tsatsu

                                        Rest in peace prof

                                        Shared by Priscy Princess on December 1, 2018

                                        My dear Daddy(prof)

                                        I still cannot believe and accept that you are no longer with us.You left us without a word.Daddy,there were many plans you had for me and also concerning my education.You always took your health seriously and pulled through any sickness.but this time God decided to call you to heaven. The thought of not seeing you again is very painful for me and I cannot accept it Daddy.

                                        You were not only my advisor, but a father and a role model to me.your advises were never wrong. You always tease me when I went wrong and you always corrected me despite the extent. You always had time to listen to my problems even if you were busy.

                                        Your protection and guidance were always effective to me.you inspired and encourage me to continue my education even though I faced financial challenges and you promised to help me through and I promise to make you proud

                                        Daddy Dovlo as I always call you.I will really miss you greatly and forever remember you. Rest in peace with the Maker.

                                          Forever in our hearts

                                          Shared by Makafui Tayviah on November 29, 2018

                                          My dear Prof.

                                          I still cannot believe or accept that you are no longer with us. Not even when I visited the house and saw that the settings of the table and chair you sat on and taught me had changed. You left us without a word. Prof there were many plans you had for me some of which you told me and others you had taken away.

                                          Prof, you always pulled through any sickness and came back home. I thought you will make it home from the hospital again just as you always did. But this time God decided to call you into His blossom. The thought of losing you to death and not seeing you again on earth is devastating. I am tempted to ask God a lot of questions but who I'm I to question God.

                                          Prof, you were not only my teacher, mentor or supervisor but you were also my Daddy, my good friend, my inspiration and advisor. We shared a lot of jokes which I treasure. You teased me to make a point and you always found a way to ease the academic tension I felt. Your academic guidance and mentoring was very effective. I will always remember you for this and I promise to make you proud.

                                          You were professional in your work but you also created a conducive environment for all who approached you. I never left your office without hearing words of hope and comfort on issues I discussed with you. We discussed everything from academic to personal life and you advised and counseled me. Indeed every moment I spent with you will be treasured.

                                          When you told me that I would be the last student you will supervise, I didn't understand but now i am beginning to get the message clear. I faced a lot of challenges but you always gave me hope to sail through. You encouraged me, prayed for me and supported me all through. I was happy when you called me after my PhD defence to tell me how proud you were of me. You remarked that "Makafui I trained you myself and you couldn't have done any less, this day I am proud of you and I know my efforts have paid of. "

                                          You spent your time, strength and effort to make me who I am today but I didn't have the opportunity to really appreciate you for the role you played in my life. That is what hurts me more. But I take consolation in the fact that God brought me your way for a reason and I am certain that your legacy will live on.

                                          I will miss you greatly and forever remember you Rev. Prof. Elom Dovlo.

                                          May God continue to grant you eternal rest as you sleep peacefully my dear Prof.

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