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Fellas. Ladies. Enbies. Y'all're fuckin' wild.

Welcome back once again to the year-end event where we throw down to decide the best albums of the year! We have once again continued the upwards trajectory we've been on since the start, breaking both the voting records for the fifth consecutive year. This year we had 225 total eligible ballots cast for 770 individual albums! This is the most amount of ballots we've ever gotten, and the most individual albums voted for in a year end poll (the mid year polls tend to wipe the floor with those numbers simply due to having much wider fields of eligibility). You guys came to play, and I'll save my rambling bullshit for the end because I know what you're here for. This is!


***DISCLAIMER*** As of right now, I'm only putting the vote placements for the top ten and will edit the rest in later. This is purely being done to save time because I've already kept the results from you guys a day longer than I'd prefer and I'd rather not spend hours and hours inputting like twelve thousand dashes and zeroes and equal signs right now. I will come back and get it all added as usual within a day or two (unless literally nobody cares) and you have my Scout's Honor that everything will be placed correctly and accurately, but the actual proof is just gonna have to wait. This is just a side effect of the polls getting so damn popular and me foolishly trying to continue running it all myself. In fact, I don't know why I never thought to do this before but here is the read-only link to the whole damn spreadsheet itself. Have at it!

(Video) Explaining The Metal Archives

  1. The Ruins Of Beverast - The Thule Grimoires: 8-3-6-3-4-1-0-0-0-3 = 416pts
  2. Spectral Wound - A Diabolic Thirst: 7-2-3-1-3-6-3-4-3-4 = 390pts
  3. Iron Maiden - Senjutsu: 10-3-2-2-1-0-2-0-2-4 = 388pts
  4. Stormkeep - Tales of Othertime: 3-7-2-1-4-3-2-3-2-1 = 336pts
  5. Hooded Menace - The Tritonous Bell: 4-2-4-4-3-3-3-2-1-4 = 330pts
  6. Carcass - Torn Arteries: 4-4-3-0-4-3-4-1-2-2 = 315pts
  7. Helloween - Helloween: 4-2-4-3-1-2-3-4-2-6 = 302pts
  8. Archspire - Bleed the Future: 5-4-2-2-1-0-2-1-2-3 = 284pts
  9. Pharaoh - The Powers That Be: 5-2-1-1-4-2-1-4-3-0 = 272pts
  10. Suffering Hour - The Cyclic Reckoning: 4-0-5-3-1-1-1-1-1-2 = 243pts
  11. Craven Idol - Forked Tongues: 223pts
  12. Worm - Foreverglade: 221pts
  13. Unto Others - Strength: 219pts
  14. Tribulation - Where the Gloom Becomes Sound: 218pts
  15. 1914 - Where Fear and Weapons Meet: 215pts
  16. Ad Nauseam - Imperative Imperceptible Impulse: 209pts
  17. Mare Cognitum - Solar Paroxysm: 195pts
  18. Steel Bearing Hand - Slay in Hell: 194pts
  19. Enforced - Kill Grid: 192pts
  20. Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined: 190pts
  21. Ethereal Shroud - Trisagion: 182pts
  22. Thy Catafalque - Vadak: 181pts
  23. Panopticon - ...and Again into the Light: 181pts
  24. Herzel - Le Dernier Rempart: 176pts
  25. Demoniac - So It Goes: 170pts
  26. Iotunn - Access All Worlds: 162pts
  27. Këkht Aräkh - Pale Swordsman: 162pts
  28. Darkthrone - Eternal Hails.....: 153pts
  29. Nekromantheon – The Visions of Trismegistos: 146pts
  30. Wolves in the Throne Room - Primordial Arcana: 145pts
  31. Tower - Shock to the System: 131pts
  32. Dordedah - Har: 130pts
  33. Be'lakor - Coherence: 124pts
  34. Stargazer - Psychic Secretions: 122pts
  35. Antediluvian - The Divine Punishment: 121pts
  36. Mastodon - Hushed and Grim: 119pts
  37. Trivium - In the Court of the Dragon: 119pts
  38. Mortiferum - Preserved in Torment: 116pts
  39. Fluisteraars - Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking: 116pts
  40. Bewitcher - Cursed Be Thy Kingdom: 114pts
  41. Cradle of Filth - Existence is Futile: 112pts
  42. Obscura - A Valediction: 98pts
  43. Funeral Mist - Deiform: 94pts
  44. Cryptosis - Bionic Swarm: 94pts
  45. Kenn Nardi - Trauma: 93pts
  46. Mystic Storm - From the Ancient Chaos: 91pts
  47. Exodus - Persona Non Grata: 89pts
  48. First Fragment - Gloire Éternelle: 85pts
  49. Malignant Altar - Realms of Exquisite Morbidity: 84pts
  50. Morgul Blade - Fell Sorcery Abounds: 84pts
  51. Proscriptor McGovern's Apsû - Proscriptor McGovern's Apsû: 82pts
  52. Kauan - Ice Fleet: 82pts
  53. Evergrey - Escape of the Phoenix: 82pts
  54. Mefitis - Offscourings: 81pts
  55. Skepticism - Companion: 80pts
  56. Asphyx - Necroceros: 79pts
  57. Black Soul Horde – Horrors From The Void: 77pts
  58. Wheel - Preserved in Time: 77pts
  59. Dream Unending - Tide Turns Eternal: 77pts
  60. Heavy Sentence - Bang to Rights: 76pts
  61. Archgoat - Worship The Eternal Darkness: 76pts
  62. Der Weg Einer Freiheit - Noktvrn: 74pts
  63. Eternity's End - Embers of War: 73pts
  64. Frozen Soul - Crypt of Ice: 72pts
  65. Voices - Breaking the Trauma Bond: 71pts
  66. Gojira - Fortitude: 71pts
  67. Blazon Stone - Damnation: 69pts
  68. Kanonenfieber - Menschenmühle: 68pts
  69. Mystras - Empires Vanquished and Dismantled: 67pts
  70. Silver Talon - Decadence & Decay: 67pts
  71. Diskord - Degenrations: 66pts
  72. Crystal Viper - The Cult: 65pts
  73. Alda - A Distant Fire: 65pts
  74. Ningen-Isu – Kuraku: 64pts
  75. Epica - Omega: 64pts
  76. Atvm - Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless: 63pts
  77. Thulcandra - A Dying Wish: 63pts
  78. Dvne - Etemen Ænka: 62pts
  79. Dream Theater - A View from the Top of the World: 61pts
  80. Seth - La morsure du Christ: 61pts
  81. Djevel - Tanker som rir natten: 60pts
  82. Crypta - Echoes of the Soul: 59pts
  83. Cynic - Ascension Codes: 59pts
  84. Ænigmatum - Deconsecrate: 59pts
  85. Paranorm - Empyrean: 59pts
  86. Harakiri For The Sky - Mære: 57pts
  87. Seven Sisters - Shadow of a Fallen Star, Pt. 1: 55pts
  88. Ungfell - Es Grauet: 55pts
  89. Demiser - Through the Gate Eternal: 55pts
  90. Duskmourn - Fallen Kings and Broken Crowns: 55pts
  91. Swallow the Sun - Moonflowers: 55pts
  92. Ophidian I - Desolate: 54pts
  93. Spectral Lore - Ετερόφωτος: 54pts
  94. Orden Ogan – Final Days: 53pts
  95. Rage - Resurrection Day: 53pts
  96. At the Gates - The Nightmare of Being: 52pts
  97. Qrixkuor - Poison Palinopsia: 52pts
  98. King Woman - Celestial Blues: 52pts
  99. Tales of Medusa - Antiquity: 52pts
  100. Рожь - Вечное: 51pts
  101. Veilburner - Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull: 51pts
  102. Empyrium - Über den Sternen: 51pts
  103. Concrete Winds - Nerve Butcherer: 51pts
  104. Rivers of Nihil - The Work: 51pts
  105. Plebeian Grandstand - Rien ne suffit: 50pts
  106. Haunt - Beautiful Distraction: 50pts
  107. Seven Spires - Gods of Debauchery: 49pts
  108. Khemmis - Deceiver: 49pts
  109. Inferno - Paradeigma: 49pts
  110. Beast in Black - Dark Connection: 48pts
  111. Deafheaven - Infinite Granite: 48pts
  112. Hanging Garden - Skeleton Lake: 48pts
  113. Portrait - At One with None: 48pts
  114. Leprous - Aphelion: 48pts
  115. Forhist - Forhist: 48pts
  116. Blaze Bayley - War Within Me: 48pts
  117. Vreid - Wild North West: 47pts
  118. Akhenaten - The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth: 47pts
  119. Stortregn - Impermanence: 47pts
  120. Aquilus - Bellum I: 47pts
  121. Grave Miasma - Abyss of Wrathful Deities: 46pts
  122. Yoth Iria - As the Flame Withers: 46pts
  123. Tyrannic - Mortuus Decadence: 45pts
  124. Dungeon Serpent - World of Sorrows: 45pts
  125. Bonehunter - Dark Blood Reincarnation System: 45pts
  126. Phrenelith - Chimaera: 45pts
  127. Ferriterium - Calvaire: 44pts
  128. Belore - Artefacts: 43pts
  129. Seputus - Phantom Indigo: 43pts
  130. Unanimated - Victory in Blood: 43pts
  131. The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic II: 43pts
  132. Flotsam and Jetsam - Blood in the Water: 43pts
  133. Caverne - La fin de tous les chants: 43pts
  134. Aorlhac - Pierres brûlées: 42pts
  135. Cerebral Rot - Excretion of Mortality: 42pts
  136. Lantlos - Wildhund: 42pts
  137. Sanguisugabogg - Tortured Whole: 41pts
  138. Crescent - Carving the Fires of Akhet: 41pts
  139. Dold Vorde Ens Navn - Mørkere: 41pts
  140. Tardigrada - Vom Bruch bis zur Freiheit: 41pts
  141. Impaled Nazarene - Eight Headed Serpent: 41pts
  142. Labyrinth - Welcome to the Absurd Circus: 40pts
  143. Cult of Eibon - Black Flame Dominion: 40pts
  144. Alustrium - A Monument to Silence: 39pts
  145. Antichrist Siege Machine - Purifying Blade: 39pts
  146. Cân Bardd - Devoured by the Oak: 39pts
  147. Esoctrilihum - Dy'th Requiem for the Serpent Telepath: 38pts
  148. Aeon - God Ends Here: 38pts
  149. Peste Noire - Le retour des pastoureaux: 38pts
  150. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole: 37pts
  151. Kayo Dot - Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike: 37pts
  152. Iskandr - Vergezicht: 37pts
  153. Eyehategod - A History of Nomadic Behavior: 37pts
  154. Year of No Light - Consolamentum: 37pts
  155. Gloosh - Sylvan Coven: 37pts
  156. Whoredom Rife - Winds of Wrath: 37pts
  157. Chainsword - Blightmarch: 36pts
  158. Havukruunu- Kuu Erkylän Yllä: 36pts
  159. Therion - Leviathan: 36pts
  160. The Night Eternal - Moonlit Cross: 36pts
  161. Necromantia - To the Depths We Descend...: 35pts
  162. Omnium Gatherum - Origin: 34pts
  163. The Crown - Royal Destroyer: 34pts
  164. Lamp of Murmuur - Submission and Slavery: 34pts
  165. Koldovstvo - Ни царя, ни бога: 34pts
  166. Dream Troll - Realm of the Tormentor: 34pts
  167. Oxygen Destroyer - Sinister Monstrosities yadda yadda: 33pts
  168. Abysmal Grief - Funeral Cult of Personality: 33pts
  169. Force of Darkness - Twilight of Dark Illumination: 33pts
  170. Durbin - The Beast Awakens: 33pts
  171. Mental Cruelty - A Hill to Die Upon: 33pts
  172. Acid Age - Semper Pessimus: 33pts
  173. Wode - Burn in Many Mirrors: 33pts
  174. Witchseeker - Scene of the Wild: 33pts
  175. Anatomia - Corporeal Torment: 33pts
  176. Primeval Well - Talking in Tongues with Mountain Spirits: 33pts
  177. Dormant Ordeal - The Grand Scheme Of Things: 32pts
  178. Mānbryne - Heilsweg: O udręce ciała i tułaczce duszy: 32pts
  179. Accept - Too Mean to Die: 32pts
  180. Warrior Path - The Mad King: 32pts
  181. Dread Sovereign - Alchemical Warfare: 32pts
  182. Korpiklaani - Jylhä: 31pts
  183. Kvadrat - Ψυχική Αποσύνθεση
  184. Throne - Pestilent Dawn: 31pts
  185. Siderean - Lost on Void's Horizon: 31pts
  186. Coronary - Sinbad: 31pts
  187. Ergholae Somptator - Mille vertiges fondent sur les âmes vides: 30pts
  188. Fyrnask - VII: Kenoma: 30pts
  189. Circle of Ouroborus - Kiromantia: 30pts
  190. Monolord - Your Time to Shine: 30pts
  191. Grima - Rotting Garden: 30pts
  192. Full of Hell - Garden of Burning Apparitions: 29pts
  193. Malignament - Hypocrisis Absolution: 29pts
  194. In Mourning - The Bleeding Veil: 29pts
  195. Old Nick - A New Generation Of Vampiric Conspiracies: 29pts
  196. Inferi - Vile Genesis: 29pts
  197. Evil - Possessed by Evil: 29pts
  198. Insania - V (Praeparatus Supervivet): 28pts
  199. Morgal - Nightmare Realm: 28pts
  200. Cathartic Demise - In Absence: 28pts
  201. Nordjevel- Fenriir: 28pts
  202. Powerwolf - Call of the Wild: 28pts
  203. Aara - Triade I: Eos: 28pts
  204. Fortress - Don't Spare the Wicked: 28pts
  205. Aephanemer - A Dream of Wilderness: 27pts
  206. Auld Ridge - Consanguineous Tales of Bloodshed and Treachery: 27pts
  207. Stone Healer - Conquistador: 27pts
  208. The Temple - The Temple: 27pts
  209. Green Lung - Black Harvest: 27pts
  210. Victory Over The Sun - Nowherer: 27pts
  211. Klabautamann - Numbered: 27pts
  212. Ildaruni - Beyond Unseen Gateways: 27pts
  213. Spelljammer - Abyssal Trip: 27pts
  214. Gabestok - En gang rådden, altid rådden: 27pts
  215. Obsolete - Animate//Isolate: 26pts
  216. Ustalost - Before The Glinting Spell Unvests: 26pts
  217. Hypocrisy - Worship: 26pts
  218. Blood Red Throne - Imperial Congregation: 26pts
  219. Helleruin - War upon Man: 26pts
  220. Nunslaughter - Red is the Color of Ripping Death: 26pts
  221. Transilvania – Of Sleep and Death: 26pts
  222. Shores of Ladon - Witterung: 26pts
  223. Bhleg - Ödhin: 26pts
  224. Leiþa - Sisyphus: 25pts
  225. Bornholm – Apotheosis: 25pts
  226. Bloodbound - Creatures of the Dark Realm: 25pts
  227. Witherfall - Curse of Autumn: 25pts
  228. Reveal! - Doppelherz: 25pts
  229. Our Place of Worship Is Silence - Disavowed, and Left Hopeless: 25pts
  230. Portal - Avow: 25pts
  231. Sanctuaire - Spectre de mondes passés: 24pts
  232. Pestilence - Exitivm: 24pts
  233. Venefixion - A Sign from Below: 24pts
  234. Vulture - Dealin' Death: 24pts
  235. Reinforcer – Prince of the Tribes: 24pts
  236. Claymorean - Eulogy For the Gods: 24pts
  237. Hitten - Triumph & Tragedy: 24pts
  238. Significant Point – Into the Storm: 24pts
  239. Brainstorm - Wall of Skulls: 23pts
  240. The Body - I've Seen All I Need To See: 23pts
  241. Blackdeath - Also Sprach das Chaos: 23pts
  242. Volbeat - Servant Of The Mind: 22pts
  243. Todd La Torre - Rejoice in the Suffering: 22pts
  244. Spire - Temple Of Khronos: 22pts
  245. Alluvial - Sarcoma: 22pts
  246. Wormwood – Arkivet: 22pts
  247. Windfaerer - Breaths of Elder Dawns: 22pts
  248. Untamed Land - Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms: 22pts
  249. Memory Garden - 1349: 22pts
  250. Dr. Colossus- I'm A Stupid Moron...: 22pts
  251. Dodsrit - Mortal Coil: 22pts
  252. Baxaxaxa - Catacomb Cult: 22pts
  253. Eisenhand - Fires Within
  254. Midnight Odyssey - Biolume Part 2: The Golden Orb: 21pts
  255. 200 Stab Wounds - Slave to the Scalpel: 21pts
  256. Metalite - A Virtual World: 21pts
  257. Ossaert - Pelgrimsoord: 21pts
  258. Mork - Katedralen: 21pts
  259. Vvilderness - As Above, So Below: 21pts
  260. Gatecreeper - An Unexpected Reality: 21pts
  261. DSKNT - Vacuum y-Noise Transition: 21pts
  262. Varmia - Bal lada: 21pts
  263. Apostle of Solitude - Until the Darkness Goes: 21pts
  264. Decline of the I - Johannes: 20pts
  265. Thyrfing - Vanagandr: 20pts
  266. Baest - Necro Sapiens: 20pts
  267. Hate - Rugia: 20pts
  268. Artillery - X: 20pts
  269. Hyperdontia - Hideous Entity: 20pts
  270. Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum: 20pts
  271. Warmoon Lord - Battlespells: 20pts
  272. Rituals of the Dead Hand - With Hoof and Horn: 20pts
  273. Code - Flyblown Prince: 20pts
  274. Cauldron Born - Legacy of Atlantean Kings: 20pts
  275. Morning Dwell - The Power Will Go On: 19pts
  276. Cave of Swimmers - Aurora: 19pts
  277. Fetid Zombie - Transmutations: 19pts
  278. Zornheym - The Zornheim Sleep Experiment: 19pts
  279. Lucifer - Lucifer IV: 19pts
  280. Eclipse - Wired: 19pts
  281. Moonspell - Hermitage: 18pts
  282. Cathexis - Untethered Abyss: 18pts
  283. Mega Colossus - Riptime: 18pts
  284. Dauþuz - Vom schwarzen Schmied: 18pts
  285. Waldgeflüster - Dahoam: 18pts
  286. Nervosa - Perpetual Chaos: 18pts
  287. Count Raven - The Sixth Storm: 18pts
  288. Altarage - Succumb: 18pts
  289. Ghosts of Atlantis - 3/6/2/4: 18pts
  290. Paydretz - Chroniques de l’insurrection: 18pts
  291. Black Mass - Feast From The Forbidden Tree: 18pts
  292. Running Wild - Blood on Blood: 17pts
  293. Knife - Knife: 17pts
  294. Sielunvihollinen - Teloituskäsky: 17pts
  295. Nature Morte - Messe Basse: 16pts
  296. Lvcifyre - The Broken Seal: 16pts
  297. Häxkapell - Eldhymner: 16pts
  298. Misotheist - For the Glory of Your Redeemer: 16pts
  299. Diabolizer - Khalkedonian Death: 16pts
  300. Starlight Ritual - Sealed In Starlight: 16pts
  301. Bunker 66 - Beyond the Help of Prayers: 16pts
  302. Human Serpent - Heirlooms Eternal: 16pts
  303. Celestial Sanctuary - Soul Diminished: 16pts
  304. Rapture - Malevolent Demise Incarnation: 15pts
  305. The Silver - Ward of Roses: 15pts
  306. Rhapsody of Fire - Glory for Salvation: 15pts
  307. Lucifer's Hammer - The Trip: 14pts
  308. The Lion’s Daughter – Skin Show: 14pts
  309. Crypts of Despair - All Light Swallowed: 14pts
  310. Kjeld - Ôfstan: 14pts
  311. The Flight of Sleipnir - Eventide: 14pts
  312. Conjureth - Majestic Dissolve: 14pts
  313. Cross Vault - As Strangers We Depart: 14pts
  314. Passeisme - Eminence: 14pts
  315. Cadaveric Fumes - Echoing Chambers of Soul: 13pts
  316. Serpent Column - Katartisis: 13pts
  317. Lovebites - Glory, Glory To The World: 13pts
  318. Stam1na - Novus Ordo Mundi: 13pts
  319. Alchemy of Flesh - Ageless Abominations: 13pts
  320. Project: Roenwolfe - Edge of Saturn: 13pts
  321. Funeral Chant - Dawn of Annihilation: 12pts
  322. Graveland - Hour of Ragnarok: 12pts
  323. Reverorum Ib Malacht - Svag I Döden: 12pts
  324. Existance - Wolf Attack: 12pts
  325. The Lurking Fear - Death, Madness, Horror, Decay: 12pts
  326. Deathfucker - Firespawn: 12pts
  327. Evile - Hell Unleashed: 12pts
  328. Vile Haint - Ol Hatchie Haint: 12pts
  329. Lunar Shadow - Wish to Leave: 12pts
  330. Dornenreich - Du wilde Liebe sei: 12pts
  331. Doctor Smoke - Dreamers and the Dead: 12pts
  332. Replicant - Malignant Reality: 12pts
  333. Stress Angel - Bursting Church: 12pts
  334. Lordi - Abracadaver: 11pts
  335. Morbific - Ominous Seep Of Putridity: 11pts
  336. U.D.O - Game Over: 11pts
  337. Wraith - Undo the Chains: 11pts
  338. Aborted - Maniacult: 10pts
  339. Kör - The Horns of Ylmir: 10pts
  340. Sagenland - Oale Groond: 10pts
  341. Fuath - II: 10pts
  342. Sacred Oath - Return of the Dragon: 9pts
  343. Hannes Grossmann - To Where the Light Retreats: 9pts
  344. Møl – Diorama: 9pts
  345. Vallendusk - Heralds of Strife: 8pts
  346. Northtale - Eternal Flame: 8pts
  347. Clouds - Despartire: 8pts
  348. Hulder - Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry: 8pts
  349. Imperialist - Zenith: 8pts
  350. Inhuman Condition - Rat°God: 8pts
  351. Wizardthrone – Hypercube Necrodimensions: 7pts
  352. Timo Tolkki's Avalon - The Enigma Birth: 6pts
  353. Alkonost - Vedomye Vetrom: 6pts
  354. Lynx - Watcher of Skies: 6pts
  355. Vertebra Atlantis - Lustral Purge in Cerulean Bliss: 5pts
  356. Wardrum - Mavericks: 5pts
  357. King of Asgard - Svartrviðr: 5pts
  358. Acid Mammoth - Caravan: 3pts
  359. Sijjin - Sumerian Promises: 3pts
  360. Ultra Raptor - Tyrants: 3pts
  361. Paladine - Entering The Abyss: 3pts
  362. Sarke - Allsighr: 3pts
  363. KK's Priest - Sermons of the Sinner: 3pts
  364. Paradox - Heresy II: End of a Legend: 3pts
  365. Wormwitch - Wolf Hex: 2pts
  366. Helslave - From The Sulphur Depths: 2pts

Wew fuckin' lad. Three hundred and sixty god damned four non-randos have been tallied and we have our definitive winner. The Ruins of Beverast has taken home the title in 2021 with their/his sixth full length, The Thule Grimoires. We didn't break a total points record for the winner this year (gonna be real tough to top Ulcerate's 526 last year) but we do have the highest overall point total for the top ten as a whole by a galactic longshot. Typically breaking 300 points nearly guarantees you a spot in the top two or three, but this year the top seven all broke that milestone, and you've gotta go down to #17 to get below 200. Part of this is simply because there were more ballots than ever this year, but I find TRoB's win all the more impressive because this means the field was really fuckin' tight this year, so whoever wound up winning was going to have to earn it via sheer teeth grinding attrition instead of the blowout victory we sometimes have. Meilenwald's cult black metal institution pulled it out over some incredibly stiff competition (and I believe the most diverse top ten yet) and I'm proud to give Beverast a sincere Congratulations on winning MA AOTY 2021!

And now for something completely the same, all those lonely souls who wound up with only one vote throughout the month. Great albums nonetheless, but still shuttled off to the side to make the list readable. I give you:


Spoiler: show

(Video) Winged Messenger (Ger) - Rising The Nightmare

I've decided to end the Debut of the Year tally this year, and the fact that only one person in the other thread expressed mild disappointment and only two ballots included a vote for it out of habit, I feel like I made the right choice in just saving myself the work. If you want to give accolades anyway, feel free to give it to Stormkeep, whose debut, Tales of Othertime landed all the way up at #4.

BH's Final Thoughts
Without a doubt this was the most intense month of polling we've ever done, breaking records left and right. As a result I'm completely exhausted (even skipping most of the extraneous data I usually include this still wound up taking like three hours to type up) but beyond please with how the community once again pulled together for this. I usually take this time to note two observations that usually hold true, but I think neither of them really do this year. Firstly I usually note how genres are split, with black metal saturating the fuck out of rando corner while thrash and power metal have comparatively way fewer representatives but tend to place higher on the list. Well, three of the top four, including the winner, are all black metal this year, so even if rando corner is still loaded with obscure raw BM demos I really can't say that fans of the genre didn't have obvious favorites this year. Power metal also nearly managed to pull out a massive underdog victory, since Helloween's self titled was actually keeping the #1 spot warm for almost the entire month, only falling to #2 early in the last week and eventually getting surpassed by several more during The Push that always happens on the final day. My other usual talking point pertains to how legacy bands always do extremely well, to the point where I get personally annoyed with how often old bands seem to get cookies simply for still existing and not releasing Illud. While there's an element of that here as always (it's no secret that I think modern Iron Maiden is terrible) I don't think it's as prevalent as I sometimes feel it is. Sure, the top ten includes Iron Maiden, Carcass, and Helloween, three bands that easily fit my criticism, but the winner is fuckin' Ruins of Beverast. Sure it's a cult classic project and an MA darling but it's nowhere near the level of historical significance and widespread notoriety as the aforementioned three. Darkthrone and Cannibal Corpse both missed the top twenty while much newer and more niche bands like Stormkeep, Ad Nauseam, and Worm beat them without much of a sweat. I think it's safe to say that my ageist bullshit is just that: alarmist bullshit.

I also feel like this could potentially be a very controversial top ten. TRoB is an MA Pet Band so their win isn't necessarily surprising (Exuvium was #3 in 2017 so they have a history of performing well), but Spectral Wound pulled second place despite demolishing the vote total by a wide margin. Spectral Wound placed on 36 ballots while TRoB only placed on 27. Stormkeep, Hooded Menace, Carcass, and Helloween all had equal or more total votes than the winner, but fell short due to placement of the votes themselves, and Iron Maiden had more #1 votes than anybody else but landed #3 overall. But hey, that's why I do the grand prix thing! It's more impressive to be considered "The Best" than "one of the best" as far as I'm concerned. That balance of consistency and excellence is hard to nail and that's why winning isn't easy. And while they didn't win, I'm sure we're gonna keep seeing some Discourse about Iron Maiden's incredibly strong showing considering how many pages of the other thread were spent arguing about whether they were being propped up by oldnoobs with no interest in the present and future of metal or if they were being unfairly shunned by kids and snobs who can't appreciate some classic Heavy Fucking Metal without pretentious modern trappings. Either way, I foresee complaints and slapfights over this top ten more than any previous year, and honestly, I'm here for it! Discussion is good and that's why we do this, because we all love and are passionate about this music.

(Video) Challenging the Classics: Borknagar - Borknagar [BLACK METAL CLASSIC REVIEW]

And lastly, the booby prizes! As always we have the Rando Calrissian Award for "highest placement with no first place votes", which this year goes to Këkht Aräkh - Pale Swordsman, likely the first time it has ever gone to a project I've literally never heard of before. I checked it out and I get the appeal, this type of super poetic/romantic/weepy black metal is pretty unique in the grand scheme of things so it's neat to see it do so well. There's also the Beltre Award for "hitting for the cycle", aka scoring at least one vote in all ten possible positions. This is much less impressive nowadays since we get more and more votes in total each year, but I'll keep tracking it and give special mentions to Spectral Wound, Stormkeep, Hooded Menace, Helloween, Worm, Steel Bearing Hand, and Thy Catafalque for all pulling it off this year. It's funny how this was a big deal after nobody managing the feat for the first three years, and now seven god damned albums pulled it off at once. Oh well, might have to stop keeping track of that one if it keeps trending this way.

Lastly, this means nothing, but at one point during the voting period the top four were Spectral Wound, Helloween, Iron Maiden, and The Ruins of Beverast. Part of me was really hoping that would hold just so the top four could be anagram'd as SHIT.

Thank you all so much for another phenomenal year! Let us now use this thread for discussion, list sharing, and calling me an asshole. This was a ton of fun as usual and I'm glad we pulled it together for the sixth year in a row, even if I did miss posting on the 1st for the first time.

Also be sure to tell me where I fucked up in Rando Corner because I always, always do!


(Video) BAPHOMILITIA - Destroy! Destroy! (2022) VIDEO

Spoiler: show

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niix wrote:

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the reason your grandmother has all those plastic sheets on her furniture is because she is probably asquirter


1. Saints' Anger (Ger) - Highway
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2. The Scum (Col) - The Hunger (Album 2022)
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3. Clandestine Blaze - Secrets of Laceration (Full Album Premiere)
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4. Freak Audio Lab - Art Metal Archives - Part One
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5. Au-Dessus - IV
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6. Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis @ Rabarock (17.06.2011)
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