September 13 - 17 Newsletter (2022)

Neurology Interest Group Meeting (September 13th at 12pm, SOM 111)

Neurology Interest Group First Meeting will be held on Monday, September 13th at 12pm at SOM 111. Dr. Keith Jones, neuro-hospitalist at Hattiesburg and a UMMC graduate will be our speaker. Lunch will be provided. Click here for flyer.

Med-Peds Interest Group Meeting (September 14th at 12pm, SOM 111)

The Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Interest Group is having our first meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 14 at 12pm in room 111. Lunch will be provided. Our faculty advisor, Dr. Jasmine Kency, along with Med-Peds faculty Dr. Jarrett Morgan will be speaking about a career in Med-Peds. If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to be added to our contact list, email Mary Harvey at

JCR Interest Meeting (September 14th at 12pm, CW 308)

Jackson Community Response is a nonprofit organization dedicated to adapting & growing to meet the needs of the members of our community that the most difficult to reach. We work to support the underprivileged, immunocompromised, immigrant, and elderly populations through monthly grocery bags and health education events. If you are interested in getting involved and learning more about our organization, please join us for our interest meeting on Tuesday, September 14that 12pm in CW 308. Food will be provided for the first 60 people. The fliers (here) include more information about our organization as well as QR code to join our group me and to purchase a T-shirt. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

UMMC Sweatshirts (Last date to order September 14th)

For sale by the Class of 2024. Sweatshirts are $30 and are available for pick up at the medical school. The last date to order a sweatshirt is September 14 at 11:59pm. Clickhereto order.

SOM History of Medicine Interest Group Tour (September 14th at 1:30pm)

The SOM History of Medicine Interest Group would like to invite you to join us for a brief historical tour around UMMC with Dr. Didlake on Tuesday, September 14th at 1:30 pm. We will meet at the round tables outside the SOM lecture halls. This tour will have two parts: 1) Brief introductory comments - Dr. Didlake will describe the sites around UMMC that we will see. 2) Tour around UMMC - Dr. Didlake will lead us around UMMC to see the sites which he previously described. The purpose of this tour is to have fun and learn about the history of medicine here at UMMC by seeing the actual sites where this history was made! We are excited about this opportunity to relax and learn more about the historical significance of many medical accomplishments at our very own institution. Please dress comfortably, bring some water and a mask, and be ready to enjoy a relaxed but active study break together. Any questions? Email Sarah at

Future Doctors in Politics Meeting (September 15th at 12pm, SOM 122)

Hey everyone! If anyone is interested healthcare advocacy or just wants to learn about the intersection of policy and medicine, please join our Future Doctors in Politics MS interest group! We can help you keep up with current events and provide you with the tools for your own activism work, if you choose to be engaged. Contact Sunna with any questions ( Clickherefor GroupMe link. Our first interest group meeting will be on September 15th at 12pm in SOM 122. Contact: Ivanna Adams-Nelson (she/her/hers) • • (601) 910-1225.

Pediatric Interest Group Meeting (September 15th at 12pm, LH 124)

First meeting of 2021-2022! Dr. Ingram will be speaking. September 15th at 12pm in LH 124. Newks will be provided. Come join all the fun! Clickherefor flyer.

OBGYN Interest Group Meeting (September 15th at 12pm, SOM 111)

The OBGYN meeting will be held on September 15th at 12pm in SOM 111. Dr. Kyle Ball will be speaking. Sal & Mookie’s provided. Raffle entry for a coffee gift card & UMMC sweatshirt for anyone who attends! Clickherefor flyer.

AWS Meeting (September 16th at 5:30pm, SOM 108)

The Association of Women Surgeons is having a meeting on September 16that 5:30 with Dr. Paula Domino. The meeting will be in SOM 108. We hope to see everyone there!

ClubMed Meeting (September 17th at 12pm, LH 122)

The next ClubMed meeting is on September 17th in LH 122. Dr. McMullan will be the speaker and lunch will be provided for first 40 attendees!

SNMA Fundraiser (Last date to order September 17th)

UMMC’s Student National Medical Association will be selling quarter-zip sweatshirts and vests as part of our annual fundraiser! We would love your support. The link to purchase is here, and the deadline for purchasing is September 17th. Thank you!

September 13 - 17 Newsletter (2)

Radiology Interest Group Meeting (September 22nd at 12pm, SOM 111)

The first RIG meeting of the year will be September 22nd at noon in Classroom 111 in the School of Medicine. Dr. Thaggard (Associate Professor, Body Imaging and Nuclear Medicine) will be speaking on his journey to a career in Radiology. Lunch from Room Service will be provided for the first 40 people. If you have any questions about rads or want to be added to the RIG contact list, contact Sarah Tramel at We would love to see you there!

ACR Annual Meeting Scholarship (Applications due October 31st)

The American College of Radiology (ACR) will have its annual meeting April 24 - 28, 2022 at the Washington Hilton. They offer ten scholarships to medical students to fund travel to the ACR meeting. It is a great opportunity and a very impressive thing to have on your CV as an applicant! Click here to apply. Applications are due October 31, 2021.

UACOMP's 2nd Annual Virtual Medical Student Radiology Symposium

The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix would like to invite members of your institution to attend UACOMP's 2nd Annual Virtual Medical Student Radiology Symposium on October 2nd & 3rd. It is open to all medical and pre-medical students who are interested in engaging with or learning about the field of radiology. Take part in the great opportunity to listen to distinguished keynote speakers, learn about Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology subspecialties, and Q&A panels with national residency program directors and active radiology residents! Registerhere. Clickherefor flyer.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency for M4s.

Clickherefor more information about the virtual Meet and Greet.

StudentCounselingand Wellness Center: Operated by a staff psychologists and psychiatrist who are NOT involved in the training or evaluation or promotion of any medical students. 8thfloor of the old Hospital. To make an appointment, call 601-815-5588 or Link to website:

Humana Student Employee Assistance Program (previously called LifeSync): Third party, off-campus resource. Licensed professional counselors are available to speak 24/7. If you choose to call, you will talk with a trained professional who will ask you about your situation and connect you with an expert who can assist you. When appropriate, you will be referred to a local professional for up to 3 face-to-face sessions per problem at no cost to you. Your personal information will be kept confidential. To make an appointment with a provider, call 866-219-1232. More information available on the Student Affairs website at

Office ofAcademicSupport: Free consultingservicesavailable to all students to help with time management, study skills, stress management, testing strategies, and obtaining a tutor. Also great for making a STEP study plan! Link to make an appointment: Link to request a tutor:

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